Monday, June 30, 2008


Adam was home late enough this morning to see Sierra choose this outfit for herself. He said, "That has to be the ugliest outfit I've ever seen." Reluctantly she changed into something slightly more color coordinated.
Below are a few pics from tonight's FHE at Sister Winn's pool. We met up with the Laws and Purcells, ate dinner, then swam and swam. I was really impressed with how things went last week (same group met last week). Marisa had the idea to have taco salads for dinner and it was delicious (tonight was 5 buck pizza, my idea, not so delicious). Last week the moms took a break from swimming to help pull weeds in Sister Winn's beautiful flower beds. Something about giving back to such a generous woman felt really good (even though it was a simple task). Then we had a quick lesson on fasting and I still remember what I learned about the importance of fasting in teaching us self-mastery. Tonight I was going to bring the Friend along but forgot, so we didn't end up having a lesson. I guess it goes to show the difference of when I plan FHE and when Marisa does.

Yeah, that is Marcus performing a cannon ball jump right over Marisa's head. I know it is hard to believe, but she was not hurt during this process.
Sierra vs. Leilani in a chicken fight.
These are the dads antagonizing a wasps nest. I would never do that, maybe that's why I felt I should take a picture.


Liesl Law said...

Awesome job...I don't even know what pictures Jeremy took. I'll try to do an email or something!

marisa purcell said...

Yeah cause I'm so good at fhe. But I'll take the credit this time. I love that we do so much together on a weekly/daily basis. Great picture of Marcus. He's always messing around.