Friday, November 14, 2008

You Too

Listen to this:

Then read this:
A few weeks ago I called Jeni, the midwife who helped us birth Tristan at home. Adam said he wasn't comfortable having another home birth, so I wanted to ask her if she would let me have appointments with her and then we would just have this baby at the hospital. It took about a week for her assistant to call me back. During that time I already made plans to go to St. Joseph's hospital and use their staff of midwives. After explaining all this to her, she ended the conversation by saying "well, OK, have a nice birth". And I replied, "You too!" In my defense I was walking Sierra to school, pushing the double stroller, talking on the cell phone and it was slightly windy. I just assumed she said "have a nice day" or something. It wasn't until I hung up that I realized I had just pulled a "Brian Regan".


Moni said...

Hilarious!!! Your not alone. I do those things almost daily. Thanks for the good laugh. Brian Reagan is great!

Darla said...

That's me in almost every conversation. Welcome to my world!! (:

ballerina girl said...

Hahaha that was great! I do that all the time!