Friday, June 12, 2009

Picture Post

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby is 1 month old.
The girls' soccer season ended recently.   Kaia told me before her last game, "Mom, I don't want to do soccer again.  I want to be a ballerina."  Here is Kaia with her buddy, Cooper.
Sierra on the other hand, loved soccer and was the second most competitive/aggressive kid on the team (she was only outdone by the coach's son).  
I almost posted a before/after shot of my new hairstyle but the "before" (after I cut my bangs myself) was so hideous that I couldn't bring myself to put it on this here blog.  But this is me "after", meaning after having a wonderfully professionally done hair cut by the talented Erica Niles.  She said I wasn't the worst self-haircut she has tried to fix, more of a yellow than a red (to use her words), but it took almost an hour and a half to get the desired result.  I like it a lot. So does Kaia, obviously.
I wish I could have gotten to the camera faster at this moment.  Tristan came in my room while I was nursing and performed a hula dance.  I think he saw his sisters dancing a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try.  I laughed till I cried.
Oh, Kaia.  I think she may have laughed till she cried when she saw this picture.


Lauren said...

it's hard to believe that cute little ruby is already a month old!! and I do love your new hair!

Ryan and Chrystal said...

Your kids are a crack up! They have the neatest personalities. (They must get it form their mom!)

The Cluff Family said...

I told you it was all about the big sunglasses! :) Love it!

Darla said...

Ooh Mindi,
the new hair-do is so cute! Very different than anything I've ever seen before. Also, a few things you might be able to help me with if you have a minute (I'll just keep buggin' until you do). First, how do you post your friend's blog updates on the side of your blog? I've tried, with no results, however. Second, how did you type in the whole "Ruby's one month old. Rock on!" quote up top? I wanna learn how to write things on my pics. Don't know how. You're great. Always love reading your updates. (;

The Mendes Family said...

Mindi your hair looks great! See? Self-hair-cuts can totally turn out super!