Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 Things I'm Grateful For Today

1. Tristan didn't take a nap, but Kaia did. I pulled him out of the crib, changed his poopiness (the cause of no nap) and took him outside to sweep leaves off the deck. He was so delightful to watch. I had a big broom, he had a tiny one and he would mimic my every move. The sun was bright and the air was warm. Then he ran next door and Gram invited him in. She said she was going to be home for the afternoon and I could put him down for a nap there. So now he is sleeping and I only have to wake Kaia and drag her out the door in a few minutes to get Sierra from school.
2. A speck of time today to catch up on my blogging.
3. A healthy body.
4. Stephanie Nielson is "out of the woods". Read the latest here.
5. After I picked Sierra up from Kindergarten, Gram let me leave the kids at her house so I could go for a walk. It was perfect.
6. Joy School was at our house today. I got to play with 8 really fun kids for two hours.
7. I have feta cheese, spinach, artichokes, Annie's dressing, and sunflower seeds. Everything I need to make my favorite salad.
8. Adam is mountain biking with his buddy right now.
9. All my maternity and/or regular pants are too big or too small, yet I am overwhelmingly grateful to be pregnant.
10. My new calling. It is such a blessing to be set apart again and serving in the Church. I'm teaching the 13-year old Sunday School class. I pour over my lessons and think about/pray for the amazing kids in my class all the time.