Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moments I Want To Remember

Kaia throwing a tantrum then falling asleep in the hallway.

Adam and I lying on the living room carpet, him reading poetry to me from his big book of poetry while the kids wrestled all over us.

Me locking myself in my bedroom to get some "quiet time." I told them all I was going to stare at the wall and say "babababababab" (like Goldie Hawn in "Overboard"), but Sierra caught me reading blogs.

Adam sweetly saying my homemade spaghetti sauce "had a little kick to it". It was horrible--I added too much garlic--but he knew I spent a lot of time on dinner.

How lonely this neighborhood feels with Gram and Pop out of town (oh I pray they are having a great time in Mexico).

After about 4 months we finally finished a batch of rocks in Kaia's rock polisher. It was so exciting to rinse them off and see how beautiful they are.

Picking Sierra up from her Halloween party at 10:45 a.m. All the kids in costume running through the school yard, joyfully breaking free from the routine of a normal school day.

Listening to Adam explain to Sierra that no one really knows what color dinosaurs were. Thinking about the creepy scientist I saw on tv who said it was insulting to children to teach them about Noah and the ark. Can't wait until we know the whole story there.


Liesl Law said...

I like that post idea! Don't you love kids who make you smile, catch you in your frustration and make you laugh and husbands that make (or try their hardest)you feel good? Thanks for sharing! If you don't mind, I like the idea enough I'll probably copy.

ballerina girl said...

Sometimes I wish I could bottle up my kids kisses and hugs to save them for when they become rotten teenagers!