Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Here my girls are, all dressed up in their Thanksgiving best. Somehow I was able to get rolls and green bean casserole made, kids all dressed and out the door to aunt Kathie's on time. Even though Adam's ribs were severely hurt during the morning's Turkey Flag Football game and he spent most the day on the couch entirely useless (how could I help but be slightly grumpy about that, but I got over it and now I feel sorry that he got hurt).

My aunt Jane and her three kids: Sarah, Lindsie and Ryan. Ryan is in the Navy and it was a big surprise to have him home for Thanksgiving. They picked him up from the airport and came over to my house. It was about 1:30 and I was trying to get all the kids down for a nap. All the sudden the doorbell rings and someone is pounding on my door. I open it and there stands handsome Ryan in uniform. I gave him a big hug and said if it would have been anyone else they would have been seriously scolded for waking up all my kids. But Kaia and Tristan ended up with a nap anyway and all were fairly well behaved at the party.

They were taking group pictures and Sierra wanted to join in. This is her photo. She moved so much her subjects didn't know if they should squat down or stand straight. Pretty funny.  Pictured: Greg, Scott, Ryan, Aunt Kathie, Kaia, Lindsie and Sarah.

Sierra made her Turkey hat in Kindergarten and was kind enough to make a replica so that Kaia could have one too!