Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm so tired. I have to wait until Adam gets home before I can crawl in bed, but in the meantime the kids have given me permission to zone out in front of the computer. I really enjoy escaping into other people's blogs for a few minutes.

I like to imagine what it would be like to live like SouleMama and be an unschooler.

Sometimes I like to just look at the amazing things people have done, like here.

Get updates on my friends and their kids and find recipes I'll think about but never make, like here.

And this is what the kids did while I was in blog-land:

We were in charge of having Joy School at our house this week. This group of kids play so well together. I wish I would have brought the video camera to record some of the silly things that took place at the park. Tristan loves to play with a girl named Eryn Shae. She made him laugh for 10 minutes by pretending to fall down the slide over and over again. It was hilarious. Kaia and Cooper (the only boy in class) are inseparable, holding hands any chance they get.


ballerina girl said...

You did such a good job at joy school this week, as you could probably tell I had a hard time getting Cooper to come home with me! Maybe one day I can take your kids so you can have a good nap!