Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Elk "Hunt"

Tristan tries out the trekking poles while we set up camp. Every year my mom's side of the family (the Gurrs) meet in Rocky Mountain National Park for the Elk bugle. Pop has a new camper this year. We had a new camping stove and a very grumpy Tristan (all through the night).
Uncle Steve and Kaia on our hike to Cub Lake (Joe Gurr peaking from behind his dad).
My mom and her brother.
Aunt Amanda takes beautiful pictures with her iPhone while Adam and Tristan look on.
Kaia loves rocks of all shapes and sizes.
Joe, Kaia, and Jack peeking through the rocks.
Sierra and Grace catch rainwater in their mouths during a downpour.
Gram and Pop goofing around. Pop discovered that his stove didn't close all the way and used various creative ways to keep it shut while Gram made biscuits.
Most of us on a big rock.

Every year I hope to capture a perfect family picture, and every year it turns out like this. Maybe next year.


Liesl Law said...

Oh I HAVE to get in one more camping trip!!!!! That looks like so much fun! I am glad you guys got to go. And I love that family pic...even with Kaia's eyes shut!

ballerina girl said...

I had a trailer oven that did the same thing! So frustrating.

Wendy said...

Hi guys! Its fun to read your blog since we haven't been too good at keeping up with you. If you're ever passing through come stay with us!