Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Trouble with Bees

Le Anne did lots and lots of wonderful things while she was here, but my favorite is a huge roast with potatoes, carrots and onions she made. It was ready late on Thursday night when we got home from the airport and I don't know that I've ever been more hungry. Then I was able to nibble on it for a few days and feed my whole family the leftovers last night. Here are the kids enjoying Grandma Danna's roast on the deck last night. I've never made a roast that wasn't dry, Le Anne's was perfectly moist. Amazing.
Poor Adam had a bad run in with his bees yesterday. He took Sierra, Kaia, and Le Anne with him to collect honey for the season. It took him about four times as long as expected and the bees were excessively angry with him. He and Le Anne were in beekeeper suits, but Adam did get one sting on his hand. This has resulted in "the Hulk hand". This picture was taken after a full day of ice and medication so it isn't as big as it was yesterday morning.

I was doing prego yoga as Adam left for work today. He called the yoga instructor "Lord Voldemort" because she wears a turbin on her head. Now I can't finish the dvd without laughing.


Keidi02 said...

Big sacrifice for some honey! How did they get past the protective gear?

ballerina girl said...

Hooray for wonderful mother in laws! My mom in law also makes amazing dinners like that.I have personally given up making roasts because they always end up with the texture of jerky.

Darla said...

Geof. made fun of that DVD the whole time I did it. She is a little strange, ya know. (: