Monday, March 24, 2008


We missed out on a big, festive Easter this year because we all have some sort of cold/flu. Adam made us ham, green beans, rolls, stuffing, and "marshmallow yam cake". It was fun. The videos I took of Kaia and Sierra explaining what Easter means didn't really turn out, but I'm sure you can imagine. On Saturday, Adam took the girls up to Regis University for an Easter Egg hunt
. Sierra won the golden ticket and came home with the biggest Easter basket I've ever seen. It came with a giant pillow, mirror, cosmetic case, feather pen, photo frame, fiber optic lamp, door hager, lip gloss, and hair scrunchie. I managed to hide the lip gloss and now I cannot remember where I put it, which is a good thing. Kaia was pretty jealous, but I think she got over it because Sierra is a fairly good at sharing. After that they went to a swim birthday party. Tristan and I spent most the day at home, sleeping, trying to get over this cold.
I know it is annoying that our pictures have a palm tree shadow behind them. But if you click on the pic, you can see it better.