Monday, March 10, 2008

Numero Uno

This is a very exciting day. Our very own blog. We have no intention (I say "we" as though I will not be the sole family poster on this here blog, hummm...) of slacking on our first family blog ( Only to add more embellishments, friend links, etc. I named it "Blog Out" because that is my favorite blog related saying. Similar to "peace out" or "over and out good buddy", etc.
The first blog story that I'd like to post is a little diddy about how the table caught on fire at our fondue party on Saturday night. Adam is an avid, die-hard lover of fondue, and luckily the two couples we pal around with are too. We had four pots going: two with oil, one with Cory & Meagan's fondue cheese, and the other with chocolate. We had chicken (pre-boiled which we discovered we prefer), steak, Liesl and Jeremy's handmade apple wantons (with caramel to dip them in), lots of fruit, and some bread. It was a heavenly spread. The only problem was that the little stoves kept requiring more denatured alcohol. During one of many fill ups, Marcus found himself holding a stove that was entirely on fire. Poor Marcus was unable to hold onto that little, round demon of flame for long. He dropped it onto the table where many things suddenly burst into flame. The Styrofoam bowl of chicken, several bowls of dipping sauce, a fondue wand, and the paint on the table were all burning. It was exciting, but fear started to creep in once Marcus discovered he couldn't just blow it out. There were also 11 kids in the back ground, running amuck with ketchup on their fingers, some wisely made the suggestion that we call 911. I'll never forgive myself for not grabbing my camera at that moment, but I was pondering how I could collect the kids and evacuate. It wasn't that bad and after a little more blowing and some baking powder, all was well and we were back to eating. The following picture is Adam, Marcus and Jeremy keeping things under control with a near miss on fondue table fire #2 later that evening.


Darla said...

funny story Mind. Why do we keep missing these fondue parties!! I guess VA is just too dang far away. Long hair Ad!