Sunday, March 30, 2008


I would say we had a miraculous weekend. Adam went to the REI garage sale and on the first mtn. bike ride of the season on Saturday. The kids and I planted some seeds and enjoyed looking at the first spring flowers. I had the young women over on Saturday night for a fondue party and to watch the Young Women General Broadcast. We had 9 girls, one mom, and two leaders. We had two fondue pots for oil, one for cheese and one for chocolate. It turned out delicious, but it went quickly and I'm sure they all left hungry. The Broadcast was wonderful. There was a sister who talked about being in the Boston Marathon and coming to mile 20, nicknamed "Heartbreak Hill". She talked about how alone she felt, even though she was in a big city with thousands of people around her. She was able to pray and found the strength to finish the race. We all feel that way sometimes and we are always able to turn to our Heavenly Father. There were some other great stories, but the best was Elder Eyring's talk. He said, "Because you are so valuable, some of your trials will be severe." Those words really struck me. I kept repeating them in my mind for the next 24 hours during which time a family in our ward went through a severe trial. Right after the broadcast, Sister Annette Tillemann-Dick (shown in photo in bottom left) got a call that her husband was in a car accident and was on a Flight-For-Life to St. Anthony's Hospital. She left quickly with her two daughters. At almost the same moment, Adam and our kids were at the park with two other families flying kites at a park right next to St. Anthony's. They watched the Flight-For-Life helicopter land at the hospital and received a call moments later that Timber had been in an accident and needed a blessing. They even saw Annette and her daughters pull into the parking lot and were able to talk with her and offer comfort. It was a miracle that they were so close because after they gave the blessing Timber had to get in the helicopter again to go to University Hospital's burn unit. Timber was driving in the mountians, his tire blew out and his car rolled down an embankment and caught on fire. Two men witnessed the accident, pulled a fire extinguisher out of their car and used it to save Timber's life. He has severe burns over 70% of his body, broken ribs & collerbone, and a bruised brain. He went in for surgery right away. We found out today that his lungs look really good. He will probably have to spend months in the burn unit, but he will most likely make it through. The Tillamann-Dick's have 11 children. There were many more miracles that we've witnessed that I don't feel I should share right now. I am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who helps us be instruments in His hands and provides a way for us to "morn with those that morn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort" (Mosiah 18:9).


Jessica said...

What an amazing story, I hope he will be okay.