Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sierra's Ear

Poor little Sie-bear had her ear drum burst on Monday.I feel like she's been on the couch for a week. I took her to the doctor on Monday afternoon while my friend Marisol watched Tristan and Kaia. The doctor really downplayed it and said that ruptured ear drums happened all the time and it would heal up fine with or without antibiotics. But my sweet grandma talked me into getting the antibiotics. If you ever have to pay out of pocket for prescriptions, check out Costco, they have great prices.
The good news is, she is feeling much better, almost normal. We ventured out to the grocery store. Kaia has returned to the world of instant melt-downs. Today we are inches from entering the store when she decides she is cold and needs her sweatshirt, which was back in the truck. I told her she'd be fine because it was nice and warm inside. That didn't work and the first half of our trip involved a lot of crying, feet stomping and whining. During check out, there was another kid having a melt down in the next isle over. The checker, who appeared to be child-less, made a comment about how all the kids were losing it today. What happened next goes down as Reason #52 why Tristan is Adam's Mini-Me. Adam usually deals with crying and whining by mimicking the noise back to the victim. When the crying kid passed by Tristan, Tristan turned on him and made the same noise, a long dramatic whail. I saw about five people bust into laughter, including the mother of the crying child. It was pretty funny.