Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bloggity Behind

Whew.  I've been trying to get this blog on for days, but Internet has been down here in the crowded house (have I mentioned that we are staying at Adam's parent's house where six children, six adults and two sister missionaries are living together in happy harmony?).  After a plethora of hours on the phone with Quest, good o' Pa got the wireless wonder up and running again.  So let me try and play catch up with some pictures:
Last Friday (geez a whole week ago) we went to a Nativity Display at a Stake Center.  They boasted having over 600 nativities, many of which were probably priceless possessions to their owners.  Needless to say it was slightly stressful taking six small children to view said nativities.  But there was a children's room with soft, hands-on nativities and costumes and stories. 
Cole and Sierra tried their very best to obey the many "Please Don't Touch" signs.
Kaia and Dayne were less aware of the many "Please Don't Touch" signs.
My angels.

At one point I had to pile kids into the car and get to the park as fast as possible.  It was too much having them all in the house on a beautiful day.  They had a great time at this park, until they started fighting.  I piled them all back into the car and thought to myself "Hey, I heard Adam say that he wanted to wash the car yesterday.  Kids like the car wash.  I'll go there."  Which would have been a great idea except Dayne would rather have all her teeth pulled out than drive through such a scary contraption and Adam had already washed the car that morning.  Yep, I'll never forget the look on his face when I proudly told him that I washed the car.  "Didn't you notice that it was already clean?" he asked in disbelief.  So we forked out $17 on the car wash that day and the rain poured down on our very clean car the very next day. 
Another Christmas activity at the church last Saturday.
Church doesn't start until 3 p.m. so we took a reverent walk in the rain to Lucia Falls.


Liesl Law said...

I am glad you are visiting family! And brave for being gone that long. I was gone for 6 weeks (and granted Jeremy and I were apart for that whole time...not your case with Adam) but it was MISERABLE. And I was pregnant too! Good luck! We'll have to get together when you get back!