Monday, December 15, 2008

Multnomah Falls

We took a short trip out to the beautiful Multnomah Falls to visit our friends the Fairhursts. We even got to eat at the lodge there (best Eggs Benedict I've ever had!).
Adam, Kaia, Chloe, Tristan, Sierra, Ashton, Kevin & baby Olivia.
Heidi ran up to the bridge with the "older" kids.
Extreme close-up.

Tristan loves to run any time his feet hit the ground.

Kaia has set the record for whining lately. I thought I'd record it for posterity and try and get some humor out of it.


ballerina girl said...

Wow that looks beautiful! I had to watch the Kaia video several times, I was laughing so hard!

Liesl Law said...

I am pretty sure that Riyan would give Kaia's whining a run for her money! Must be a stage!

And those falls...beautiful!