Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let It Snow

Yesterday was a true blue snow day. Schools were cancelled, roads were dangerous, and the sledding was perfect. We went out to Amboy where the snow was powdery and deep. Here are a few pics:
Bennett tries to pull Tristan and Hazel in the wagon while Kaia waits her turn.
Geof. and Darla point out their sledding route.
The hill on the Allen's property in Amboy.

After a fun day in the snow, Cory's mom made us all hot chocolate.  Kaia and Hazel took it nice and easy in the recliner by the fire place out in the shop.


Liesl Law said...

OH sledding. Riyan was 1 and Joss was tiny enough to stay in the warm car asleep the last time we went sledding! How fun! Thanks for sharing.