Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

I was excited to post about our day-after-Christmas trip to IKEA, but I've been putting it off because I didn't bring my camera that day (what fun is a blog post w/o pictures?).  But in my mind a trip anywhere with 20 Bennetts/Allens/Stinchfields/Wilmores is a trip to remember in blog land.  IKEA is a great place (see here if you don't know anything about it) and kid-friendly to the extreme.  We ate at the cafe (again imagine 20 of us), dumped 8 out of 15 kids into the free kid care area, and strolled around for an hour of shopping/daydreaming bliss.  I was this close to buying an embroidered pillow case, but Cory took a picture on his phone instead:

Isn't it beautiful. I plan to make my own--and like my Grandma says "I'll sell all I can make".  In fact, I'm craving a crafting project.  It probably has a lot to do with being away from home for an entire month and wanting to get back to my nest.   I've decided to copy my buddy Maren and her "Food of the Month 2009" blog project.  Every month in 2009 I hope to make a different kind of homemade bread and blog about it.  I'm excited.  I think I'll start here: Dutch Oven Crusty Bread


Jessica said...

Looks like the fun never ends up there. I can't wait for all of the bread recipes, that is one thing I would like to be better at making.

Jessica said...

We have an IKEA very nearby now. The carts that roll side to side as well as forward and backward are a little difficult to control. We like eating there when we go because we get a lot of good food for 5 people for 20 bucks! More power to you if you go forward with your crafty plans!