Friday, February 13, 2009

Goal: Make Stuff

In January I had an intense desire to make stuff. We had several projects going on at once and I did my best to be patient while the kids helped.
This was our Christmas gift to Gram. We wanted to "doodle-stitch" things that Gram loves. Kaia drew Vinny, the cat. Sierra was in charge of the cake, we all sewed on the buttons and I did the rest. The tree is my favorite.  It has four branches to represent her four kids and 14 apples for all her grand and great-grandkids.  Then "FAMILY" sewn with beads on the trunk.  The pillow screams "homemade by unskilled craftsgirls" but it was made with love.

This is the pillowcase I had up for auction way back in August (see here) for Nie-Nie day. Thankfully my mom won the auction and is very merciful and patient because it'll probably take me at least another month to finish the other pillowcase.
This is one of 9 cards I made for card club last month.  I just noticed this picture is upside-down.  I spent lots of time cutting and sewing paper on my sewing machine and had a lot of fun.  The background is my Valentines Day table runner I made a few years ago.  Also fun.
These are the best.  I didn't make them, my amazing friend Joy did, but she is my inspiration for creativity so I get to include her in this post.  For Joy's son's birthday party she made each kid in attendance their very own super-hero cape (really high quality too!).  My kids haven't taken them off.  Kaia sleeps with cape and mask on.  Thank you, thank you, Joy!


ballerina girl said...

Thank you for including me in your post. Now I feel special! The pillow and pillowcase look awesome- you will have to teach me.