Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Here we are at my parent's "cabin" in Granby, CO.  This same weekend last year we had a kid-free weekend up here with our friends the Laws and the Purcells.  That weekend was wild and adventurous with late night sledding, skiing trips, Rock Band, etc.  But this time my pregnancy, Liesl's leg injury, and the absence of the Purcells made things much more mellow.  
We spend the afternoon on Saturday in Grand Lake, walking the boardwalk, window shopping, braving the ice on the lake (as seen in above photo), and eating at a great little pizza shop.
We celebrated Adam and Liesl's birthdays with a grand meal of London Broil, roasted peppers, baked potato topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, bread, and this little chocolate cake I made.
We entertained ourselves with "Mexican Train Dominoes" and movies.  I talked everyone into watching "City of Angels" and I regret it.  I'm surprised they didn't ask me for that 114 minutes of their lives back when the show was over.  "City of Angels" is the American version of the German film "Der Himmel uber Berlin" or "Wings of Desire".  The latter is one of my all time favorite foreign films, so I thought the former would be worth watching.  I'd forgotten that I'd seen the movie in '98 when it came out and didn't like it much then either.  My biggest complaints are the ridiculously long and revealing intimate scene and the fact that we are supposed to believe that Meg Ryan falls madly in love with Nicolas Cage even though he is nothing but creepy and stalkerish during the whole movie.  It does have the following line which I think is profound, "Some things are true whether you believe them or not."  I like seeing angels all around people, knowing their thoughts and guiding them along, ect.  But I don't agree that they are dressed in black trench coats, that they are separate from the human race, but by "falling" (which just involves a very, very slow motion drop off a building) they can join us.  Anyway, this is the end of my movie review.  Save yourself the trouble and just watch "Wings of Desire" if you are into subtitles and depressing yet uplifting German themes and plots.
I didn't want to post the picture because I look awful.  But I reminded myself that I'm 30 weeks pregnant and most women sitting next to Liesl would pale in her beauty also.

Adam stayed up at the cabin because 4 cousins of his were joining him there for a few days of skiing/snowboarding.  I came home and picked up our kids from my parents.  It must be a combo of lack of sleep, missing mom and dad, and insanity because today has been a rough one.  They all spent the day spontaneously bursting into tears and Tristan refused to nap.  Luckily Gram and Pop really stepped in to help.  Then Adam calls and says he wants to stay up in the mountains another day.  "Sure, babe, it's your birthday.  Have a great time." I say.  Then take a few more Tylenol.


Liesl Law said...

You let Adam get away with SO much! You poor thing. I can feel your pain! And thank you for your over generous compliment of the picture sitting on the stairs! I think you look amazing!

It sure was a great weekend! Thanks for letting us use the "lodge" and being such great friends!

Ryan and Chrystal said...

OOh. that green eyed monster of jealousy is kicking my butt right now. I sooooo want a no kids weekend!!! I'm glad you had a good time though.

marisa purcell said...

Next year for sure. We missed you guys over the weekend but Michael needed us at state. Or maybe he didn't, but that's where we needed to be. We will be ready for the fun next year, hopefully Liesl or I won't be pregnant to mess up the late night

Jessica said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for letting our guys go up too! :)

Russ said...

Thanks for letting Adam hang with the Beecher boys. It was a great time.

Jessica said...

It always seems to be worse on that first day back with the kids after being gone. I always think that the kids are just going to be so glad to have me back that they will give me hugs, kisses and compliments and be little grateful angels...thats never happened yet. But that won't stop me from taking the much needed occasional retreat.