Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spontaneous Delight

I caught myself thinking this morning "I'm really happy today". It must have been a combo of a great hormone/chemical balance, the fact that a lot of laundry/housework got done before taking Sierra to school at 11, and also knowing that we were driving up to the mountains to pick up our beloved Daddy and bring him back home where he belongs. Plus a lot of happy things have been happening. I'm in charge of Joy School this week and the lessons are about "Spontaneous Delight". How could I not be happy teaching 8 kids such a topic!
Here is our Joy School on Tuesday, delighting over the static we created in our balloons.
I made this giant memory game (with the help from a book I just ordered), but it was a little too time consuming and only Cooper and I lasted long enough to finish the game.
Here is Kaia in Empire.  We had an hour to kill while we waited for Dad to arrive.  We went into a little malt shop and got a yummy Oreo shake to share.  The table had a checkers game and we played with that for a while.  Then the sweet shop owner brought over more toys and showed us a giant stack of free books.  Everyone was delighted.  We killed more time by walking through the quaint little mountain town.  Finally Dad arrived and we visited with the cousins for a few minutes.  They gave the kids a bag of gummy bears (there were only about 10 left inside).  Dad brought home a lot of leftover food, including a tube of cookie dough which I gladly baked up to help us get through the evening (Adam had to leave again to go to Young Men's).
This is Sierra and Kaia hugging each other and saying it was the best day of their lives because they got to have an Oreo shake, gummy bears, and chocolate chip cookies!  Obviously, I don't dish out those things very often.  I realize they look pretty shaggy in these pictures.  They just had a wrestling match on the "foof" chair.
And Sierra's latest trick: climbing the walls.


Darla said...

Mindi, mindi. Great posts. I'm so happy you were happy this day. Wonderful! I like the looks of your house. Are you happy there?? And it's great that you're doing joyschool still! I really would love to be able to do that. Are there some new kids from your new ward? And Adam in Young Men's again?? He's made for it. (: Geof. keeps getting the lamest callings ever.., like substitute teacher. Which, I guess IS a calling and I'm grateful, but I wish he could do something with the YM. I'm gonna have to try the bread recipe. Funny post about the whole creation of it. You're hilarious!