Friday, March 13, 2009

Mormons and Big Love

I've enjoyed reading the following articles and blog post about the controversy behind "Big Love" and their upcoming episode about the LDS temple ceremony:

I really like this quote from Richard Bushman: "Mormons know you can go online, get every last word of the temple ceremony. It's all there. So it's not like it's hidden from the world. Anybody can get it. But among us, we don't talk about it that way. It means something to us. It means a lot". So no matter what "the world" does with what I feel to be sacred, I can still move forward, firm in my faith, rejoicing in the opportunity to participate in temple ordinances.
I'll admit when I first heard about this I joined in with the email forwarding chain asking people to email/write/call Time Warner and ask them to not air the episode.  Adam's wise cousin, Monica, emailed me back and said she felt the Church's official statement was asking us not to get involved in such actions.  I don't regret the letter I sent to Time Warner, but I do agree with Monica who said our boycotts will only get HBO the attention they want and they don't deserve our attention.


Ryan and Chrystal said...

I have to agree. The church did come out with an "official" statement regarding this episode, and basically takes a no fuss attitude. The bigger the deal we make of it, the more the publicity, the greater the interest, and a possible boost in viewers to the show. I say ignore it, and move on.

marisa purcell said...

It's funny that I pulled up your blog and saw this. Today in Relief Society this came up and it sure turned into a debate. We all have our feelings on it but either way we do have to move on. It is sacred to us and that's what makes it so hard to stand by and watch or hear it happen. But I think you standing up for what you believe in is okay. You should. We all have to stand up for what we believe in at some point or other.