Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow and Burnt GC

Let it snow! In typical Colorado style, we woke up to a few inches of snow and by the afternoon it was almost all melted and the sun was shinning happily.  Sierra wanted to shovel snow onto the grass from the deck, but all she could find to use was a giant lid.  I think she heard me say how grateful I was that it snowed so that the grass could finally have a drink.
I was making dinner last night and trying to burn a DVD at the same time, bad combo.  This reminded me of when Adam and I were engaged and I said something to the effect of, "You don't even know what a great cook I am.  I'm going to make you some grilled cheese right now."  Then I burnt the grilled cheese.  I don't think I've been able to make non-burnt grilled cheese ever since.  We also had tomato soup to go with our sandwich, which Tristan picked up and poured on his head.  
I read in the Ensign about a mom who spent a few minutes with each of her kids, one-on-one, right before bed each night.  I decided to start this tradition in hopes of improving relations between Sierra and I.  Some times I feel like the whole day goes by and all I've said to her was "Don't do that" and "Stop making that noise" and "You don't like it when Kaia does that to you so don't do it to her!", etc.  So I sat down with her last night and let her talk about whatever she wanted.  She said she wanted to make a list of what we were doing the next day.  She loves lists and we were able to stick to this one fairly well (except for the 8:30 bedtime--that was wishful thinking on my part).

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brandie said...

This is so cute. The more I learn about Sierra the cuter she is. I thought it was so amazing that last Sunday Sierra knew she was going out of town and she made sure to ask Saige if Saige would do the scripture at church in her place. She had to make sure her responsiblities were taken care of! Thats so great! And she loves lists?!?! Fabulous!

ballerina girl said...

There seems to be a food that we end up burning more then others. For me it's the last batch of cookies. I just forget they are there. For my mother-in-law its beans. I love that article in the ensign. I'll have to try the one-on-one time!

The Cluff Family said...

I always burn the grilled cheese...and it's so disappointing. Oh well, life goes on. Check out the comment I made on your previous post!