Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Treasures

The weather was perfect.  Kaia and Sierra both had different birthday parties to attend on Saturday.  They even brought home goodie bags from each and shared with one another (sort of).  Our seeds for our square foot garden are sprouting.  Flowers in our yard that someone else planted long ago are blooming.  Sierra made a "memory" game from some of my old business cards (part of me wonders if I jumped into the travel business just so I could have these beautiful cards...(sigh) live and learn).  Gram and Pop spoiled us rotten.  I beat Adam in a Nintendo competition (we played the original Mario Bros.) even though Sierra was rooting for me to lose.  Adam made delicious dinners two nights in a row.  Today marks 33 weeks of pregnancy for me.  Life is good.  


Ryan and Chrystal said...

How fun!! I'm so jealous that your have seeds sprouting already!