Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Getaway: Utah

My pictures posted in reverse order so I'm going to describe our trip to Utah backwards, just to mix things up a bit:
Here we are somewhere in Wyoming at a Subway on Monday afternoon. I'm not sure how Kaia gets her sandwich all over her face, coat, Sierra's coat, and my arm, but she does.
Sunday night we stayed with Ryan and Jackie Beecher in Lehi.  Here is Sierra showing Ryan a thing or two about leg wrestling.
Bob and Katie Beecher fed us the most wonderful Sunday dinner.  It was Issac's 6th birthday also so we got to join in on brownies and ice cream.  Sierra is smiling because she just snagged the bowl with the biggest brownie, much to Issac's dismay.
Saturday was Finn Wilmore's (pictured here with parents Ellynn and Jason) baby blessing and Bennett Allen's baptism.
We also celebrated LeAnne and Wilohm's birthdays.  Aunt Jack made this cake and I don't think I've ever had a better sheet cake.
Hazel reached the end of her rope, luckily Meagan was there to catch her.
Geof., Adam, and our great friend Ashlee Ross (who watched 10 Bennett/Allen kids plus three of her own while we went to the wedding lunch.  Thanks again, Ashlee.)
We had some time to kill so we visited Cabella's in Alpine.  The kids loved it, but Adam and I voted that Bass Pro in Denver outdoes this Cabella's.
Here is little Hazel at the Stevenson farm.  We spent Saturday morning there while Adam filmed Uncle Sharm telling stories about the farm.  I'd attach the footage here, but it is 76 minutes long.  What a treasure.
Tristan, Bennett, Hazel, Chloe, and Kaia by the old tractor.
Uncle Sharm telling the kids all about the trees on the farm.
Kaia in front of the farmhouse.
Tristan sings some tractor tunes.
Oops, this is Bennett and Finn after the baptism/blessing.  
Friday was Adam's cousin, Joel's, wedding at the Logan Temple.  I'm kicking myself for not getting any pictures at the wedding lunch or the reception, because both were so so beautiful. But after the reception we drove up to the Temple and got a passer-by to take this photo for us. Our weekend was action packed (as always with the Bennetts) but we sure had a wonderful time.  And like Adam's mom said, "There's nothing like a wedding/baptism/baby blessing to bring some eternal perspective."

Events not pictured, but immensely enjoyed:
Spending two nights with the Hatch's and eating two yummy breakfasts with them.
Visiting the Weber family who we haven't seen in at least 6 years.
Playing cards at Aunt Joan's beautiful new house until after midnight with the cousins and significant others.
Not having to drive in a snowstorm like the WA Bennetts did (they spent over 15 hours in the car on the way down).


Lauren said...

wow, what a fun-packed weekend! so glad you had a good time and made it home safe.

brandie said...

Love this picture with the Temple in the background like that. very cool!

Darla said...

Mindi!! Thanks for a rundown of the weekend. On Sunday night after the kids went to bed, Geof. and I went on a nice long walk and he told me all about the farmhouse tour and the stories..which he thoroughly enjoyed. I'm glad you took pics and filmed it (I sent a camera along with Geof. and told him to PROMISE to take pics..). I am sad I missed it all.., but not too sad about missing the car ride. I'm a whimp, I know!

ballerina girl said...

I would be smiling too if I had the biggest brownie ;). We like the Big Bass Pro- we went to their shooting range for Valentines day! I am also amazed that Kaia still has her CTR ring- I saw it in the messy sandwich pic.