Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthdays and Soccer Games

We had a birthday party for my wonderful sister, Janelle, last Wednesday.  Her birthday isn't until the 14th, but I hope to be busy with a brand new baby by then so we had an early party.
Here is Sierra helping Dad build our garden boxes.  He was able to finish them on Saturday night with Miguel's help.  Once we get them all filled with dirt and plants I'll take pictures.  I'm so proud of him and so excited about the garden.

Our Saturdays are ruled by soccer games.  Adam tries his best to be there, but 80% of the time it is all me loading the snacks and supplies, trying to entertain the two kids who are not playing, making the monumental effort to be there on time, etc.  After chasing Tristan off the field for the 5th time (imagine pregnant mom, taking on the cell phone, chasing speedy two-year-old through the middle of the game...embarrassing) I was thinking of giving up the whole sports-for-kids idea.  But then Adam was talking about some of the boys in his Young Mens group who had no athletic ability at all.  He convinced me that it was much better to make the effort to see that our kids are in sports, not just so that they are athletic but so that they have something worthwhile to do on Saturdays when they are teenagers.  I see the point and I will continue to support my "team".


Ryan and Chrystal said...

Plus think of the fun stories you can tell Tristan's girlfriend/wife one day!!!!