Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures from last week

Ahhhh, nap time.  Kaia is on an every-other-day nap schedule.  She usually gets woken up by the little squeaker and when I return to the bedroom I find her happily holding and singing to Ruby.
Sierra and I got into a few arguments yesterday.  She ended up with a double punishment (sent to her room and not being allowed to run through the sprinkler) and took this picture of herself to document her sadness.
Tristan was helping Grandma Danna in the kitchen.  He does not like loud noises and the 4-horse power blender is very loud.  Grandma made "alligator shakes" with fruits and vegis and Tristan loved it.
Our first family picture with four kids.  Just so happened to be a beautiful sunset that night.
Ruby is one week old!
Grandma Danna has been here to give all our kids their first home bath.  Ruby loved it.

Tristan wore his "Lederhosen" to church on Sunday and was a big hit.
Ruby has very flexible feet.
Grandma Shelli and Ruby (notice the pile of laundry in the background, that is only half of the baby clothes Le Anne brought down from WA for Ruby).
Sierra's Field Day at Tarver Elementary.  She jumped rope 18 times and was very proud of herself.  I think she's been practicing her jump rope skills every day since.  Dad, Kaia, Tristan, and Grandma Danna were there cheering her on.  I remember lots of ribbons on Field Day, but I guess ribbons have been cut out of the budget.  No first prize winners anymore, everyone is a winner.


ballerina girl said...

Tristan looked so cute in his lederhosen on Sunday! I wonder if Caden's is too small already- if not, we will have to get them to wear it on the same day. My oldest and youngest have been more trouble then usual. I wonder if it is spring fever. I need to come and see your baby again- she is soo sweet!

Lauren said...

must be spring fever. my kids are giving me a run for my money! I love the family picture!! and what an awesome background. holy flexible feet. i totally did a double take!! looks like things are going well... can I come visit tomorrow? I will call you in the morning

Ryan and Chrystal said...

Ok little Ruby so does not look like a newborn. She looks like a three month old! Awesome pictures!! I remember getting lots of ribbons for field day at Tarver too! Still have most of them. It stinks that they don't do it anymore. Oh well. Also wanted to make sure you knew I was here if you need anything!

Cortney said...

Ruby is adorable. She looks just like the other girls. I'm glad LeAnne is/was there to help.