Friday, May 29, 2009


I heart Boulder, Colorado. I really wanted to go there while my MIL, Le Anne, was here. It kept getting put off until the day before she left I insisted that we get up there. That was Monday, the same day the BolderBoulder Marathon took place, the same day the Boulder Creek festival was happening, and the same day it decided to pour cats and dogs. Traffic was horrible, but we managed to find a parking spot and get to the festival just as the rain clouds opened up. But in typical Colorado style, the rain didn't last long and soon the sun was shinning.
There was a wild life exhibit (indoor) at the festival with moving animals to boot.
Here is the clan as the rain started to let up.  Kaia is munching on a free sample from The Melting Pot, chocolate with strawberries and angel food cake.  Yum.  We stocked up on all the free samples, just like a Saturday in Costco.
Here is Le Anne protecting Ruby from the rain.
We were all impressed with this tent in a trailer.  But this is about the point where I noticed my sandals were rubbing my feet so much that they were bleeding and I was finished with the festivities.
Here we had a nice family picnic overlooking the Flatirons.  A few moments later Tristan found a big ant pile to stand in and experienced his first red ant attack.  Poor little guy.  


Ryan and Chrystal said...

Oh poor Tristan. That is so horrible! If that had happened to one of my girls they would never LOOK at an ant ever again.

Lauren said...

my sister and mom ran in the 10k that day! and i'm so lame I didn't even make it up there. looks like a fun day though, and hopefully adam didn't think it was too horrible with all the hippies haha