Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

I was talking to a Mom of a kid in Sierra's Kindergarten class a few weeks ago about my upcoming due date.  She said her son was born on May 5th and that it is a very crowded day in labor and delivery.  She said something about all the celebrating sends women into labor.  She even had to labor in a janitors closet in the hospital until a room opened up for her to deliver in because the hospital was so busy.  "Well", I thought to myself, "I better have a Cinco de Mayo party and see if I can join the throngs of women in the hospital."  So I invited over our home and visiting teaching families to ensure that visit would be taken care of before I went into labor.  We had the Andersons and the Olsons (Bennetts + Andersons + Olsons = 9 children) and it was so much fun.  Our friend, Miguel, who is from Mexico and is now living with us, cooked up some yummy carnitas.  Joy brought Cafe Rio style chicken burritos with all the fixin's and Brandie brought a seven layer dip and chocolate cake.  
                                              Adam setting up the pinata.
          Adam, Miguel, and Little Chef Tristan working on the carnitas.
                                                            The shorties.

     Sierra stuffed all the candy she could into her shirt.  She is a candy hog.

                                           Kaia's buddies: Neveah & Cooper.

So now it is May 6th and I'm still pregnant.  Since this baby didn't go for having the exciting Cinco de Mayo birthday, I'm now telling her she has to wait until Sunday or Monday to arrive so that we can finish our Square Foot Garden this weekend.  I'm sure she'll oblige. 


Ryan and Chrystal said...

How fun! I totally didn't realize it was cinco de mayo until this morning. Too Late!!!! Oh well.

ballerina girl said...

It was the greatest party ever! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and smiled so much my cheeks hurt. And you even had an authentic Mexican to cook the food! I am so lucky to have you as a visiting teaching companion!

Lauren said...

looks like a fun night!!