Monday, August 11, 2008


When we got home from our camping trip, we quick and showered and made it to sacrament meeting. Then we went over to Gram and Pop's for what could possibly be the best meal of our lives. It all started with this amazing bread Gram whipped together in a jiffy. Then melt in your mouth roast, mashed potatoes and gravy!
Pop gave us the nickle tour of his new camper. Please note the hight of the door in comparison with the height of Pop.
This new swing Pop set up for the kids is a dream come true. Kaia and Sierra have had so much fun out here.
Today was registration at Tarver Elementary for Kindergarten. Sierra was so excited, Kaia was so jealous. There were several other moms who are not in this area that were trying to get their kids into Tarver, to no avail. It is a very good school and I'm so grateful Sierra will be able to attend.
Our family home evening activities were to scrub down the filthy camping chairs then load up on our bikes and explore our new neighborhood. We met up with Gram about half way around Eastlake while she was out on a walk.

We got back home and to our delight Gram and Pop invited us over for ice cream. As we sat on the back deck we saw two bats flying around and this baby owl land in the tree. It was a cute little thing and let Adam take lots of pictures. But Kaia could only hold still for so long and when she started jumping, this little guy took off.

We are so blessed to be in this home, so close to a great elementary school, to great bike paths and lakes, various wildlife, and to partake of Gram and Pop's generosity!


Meags said...

mindi we are never going to get you up here now that you are right next to gram and pop. you guys are having so much fun! wow scuba diving, i don't know if i even remember how!