Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sierra's First Day

The first-day backpack full of supplies. Thank goodness she doesn't have to bring kleenex and papertowels with her everyday.

Happy as can be. I thought I might be the kind of mom that teared up when her first born walked into Kindergarten for the first time, but I didn't. She was so excited, all I could do was smile for her. I over heard another mom whose kid was clinging to her leg and crying say that she was so glad this day had finally come.

The two kids standing next to her are from an LDS family in our ward. The little girl is a little younger than Kaia and she just wanted to be part of the picture. We joined up with a playgroup and found some friends to do Joy School with us, so Kaia is less jealous about Sierra's school. Kindergarten only lasts 3 hours and Wednesdays are early release days so she is only there for two hours. Mrs. Muller (rhymes with color) is her teacher and she seems really nice. There are 25 kids in the class so poor Mrs. Muller has her hands full.


Darla said...

yea YEA Sierra! How exciting for her. I'm glad you found some people to do Joy School with. I want to do it here, but I don't know how Le Anne would feel about having a group of 3-4 yr. olds running around her house 3 times a month. What'dya think?