Monday, August 25, 2008

Things That Are Funny

Sierra came home on Friday with her "Friday Folder" which had some homework and a plea for parents to help their kids count everything. Suggestions are: counting every step you ever take and helping cook. I went with the "help cook" option because Sierra is already good at that.

Funny things my kids have recently said/done:

Kaia (while helping mom make lunch): "Every time I carry this jelly it gives me an arm tummy ache!"

Sierra (while playing with a magic wand and talking to Gram): "I'll wave this magic wand and make you un-old."

Kaia (comes into mom and dad's room at midnight, uninvited): "(sob) I can't find that thing!" To which Adam replies "It is by that other thing" then Kaia goes back to sleep (or maybe she was never awake?)

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