Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Adventures

We signed Sierra up for a free Karate class. Too much yelling for me, I think we'll look into soccer or ballet.

Here are a few shots from our failure of a garage sale on Saturday. On Monday I spent a few minutes posting a few items, sold almost all of them that day, and made 4 times what we made on Saturday. Yippie for Craig!

Adam and Tristan on Jay's old motorcycle.

Gram and her friend, Pauline. Sierra and Kaia had run off to a neighbor's house and I thought it was funny that these two took over the Lemonade stand.

After the garage sale items were all stuffed back into our garage, we dashed off to two baptisms. Then we dashed to Steve and Amanda's for the family birthday parties. Kaia, Grace, Gma Shelli, and Sierra showing off the apron we made for her birthday.

Out on the Dimig pond on the paddle boats on Sunday night.

This horse we like to call "Easter Bunny".
Trying to be like Tony Smith (see one of the last photos on this post here) and baby Indie.

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