Monday, August 11, 2008

Scuba @ 10,200 ft above sea level

This weekend was awesome! We gathered up our camping gear and headed up to Leadville with our friends the Purcells, the Magaleis, and Jeremy Law. The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race was taking place. Lance Armstrong was in town, but we never caught a glimpse of him. The camping was great plus we were able to go scuba diving. Apparently this Turquoise Lake is a very popular diving spot. I thought it was colder than all get out, but it was worth it.
Sierra and Kaia at the beautiful mountain lake.
Tristan tried to single handed throw all the rocks into the water. Eventually he wore out and took a nap.
Kaia is happiest with water and dirt to play with.

Here is Tristan, Maleia, Lafi, Leilani and Lilly playing in the water. Thanks again Marisa for watching them so I could go out for a dive!
Here we are setting up. Jeremy, Steph, Marcus, Zack and Adam in the middle of a lot of scuba gear.
Here I am in a 7mm dive suit. I felt like I was going to suffocate, but once I was 40 feet under I was wishing the suit was a lot thicker.
Marcus, Mindi, Adam, Zach and Jeremy. It had been about 6 years since I'd been diving and I struggled a bit with a few basics I'd forgotten. Eventually I got down to about 40 feet. Adam held my hand the whole time. It was so murky and my mask kept fogging up. It was a great experience though, so other-worldly to be that deep in the water.

Here are all 7 of the happy kid campers.

That night we had a record breaking evening with the 'smores and marshmallows. Adam bought Marcus a marshmallow tree for his birthday because Marcus is the only guy we know who can eat a whole bag of 'mallows by himself in one sitting! That night he ate 35, and I'm sure he'll beat that record the next camping trip.


Liesl Law said...

How fun, thanks for taking my bachelor husband...(is that possible for a bachelor husband?! LOL) He said he had a blast and I can't wait to go in a few weeks! Thanks for the quote about mothering and how you talk to them, that is a great reminder for me.

Darla said...

How fun Mindi!!! I wish we were with you!