Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Move

It is nap time. Since the rooms that really need unpacked all have sleeping children in them I'm forced to spend some time blogging. Here's a few photos from the past couple of days.

The Tillemann-Dick family was kind enough to throw a "going away" party for me on Wednesday night. Here is Annette and I. If you look really close you can see their gorgeous home in the background.
Here are Marisol and Hama Wharemate. Mari watched all my kids all day on Thursday so that I could pack up my house (with tons of help from the Tillemann-Dick's and the sister missionaries).
These are my wonderful friends whom I love, love, love: Marisa, Liesl, and Brittany.

Here's Kaia standing in front of nearly everything we own.

Tristan's 2nd birthday almost got lost in the hustle and bustle of moving day, but lucky for him Gram lives next door and is always prepared. The girls are holding back his hands while we sing. Sierra didn't even give him a chance to blow out his candles, maybe next year he'll be big enough to defend himself.
Here is the house we'll be renting for the next 6 months. I know, I know, the turquoise trim is the eyesore of the neighborhood. Nevertheless, it is right next door to Gram and Pop's, it backs up to a park and open space, it has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and a dishwasher!

Our new address. If you want the whole thing you're going to have to email me :).


marisa purcell said...

We will miss having you guys so close. But we will do plenty of things together I'm sure. Who knows maybe I can convince Marcus to move up north. By then you will probably be in Mexico. But thats always how life goes.

Maren said...

So wait - why did you guys move?

I love the turquoise trim - it kinda reminds me of the house in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. Not as extreme, of course, but you could change that. :)

Keidi02 said...

Did you sell your house? If you are going to move just go the whole way and move to washington!

Liesl Law said...

I miss you already, just the thought that you aren't where I can just drive 10 minutes to get to you! I am glad things went well. Don't become a stranger!