Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Reunion

We leave for a week of family reunion adventures tomorrow and for some reason I think I can't go to sleep unless I blog one last time.

On Monday night we had another party with our friends for Kaia's birthday. Old Town Arvada has this fun little water attraction:

Tonight we had the honor of doing some of the grocery shopping for the family reunion. I've always wanted to buy so much food that I had to use one of the orange carts at Costco. Tonight my dream came true and then some.

Sierra is an exelent helper. At this point, Kaia had unbuckled herself and was swinging around a nearby light pole and climbing on carts.


Ginette said...

I like the last pic of Sierra it looks like she's saying, "and here is the muffinnns, and here we have waaterrr!" with her little Vanna White pose!!he he