Monday, July 14, 2008

Can't Blog Until...

Conversation taking place in my mind today: "I can't blog until I vac/mop the house. I can't blog until I clean up the kichen/bathroom. I can't blog unless I bike the kids to free lunch. Etc." I finally finished my self imposed chores, now the girls are done with TV time and begging for attention. It is amazing that all morning when I'm on their case to get dressed, eat breakfast, make their beds, brush teeth, etc. they can find a million other things to do. But once I sit down in front of the laptop, I'm their only source of entertainment.
Here are a few pics from the weekend festivities:

Here is our little lake. I keep dreamin' of going to lakes in WA like Merwin and Battle Ground. From our lake you can see C-470 and Home Depot, as opposed to the beautiful forests and mountain views in WA. The kids had a blast, Adam and I both got real nice sunburns. Ad has a big "Z" on his chest where he sprayed the "no-rub spray sunscreen" thinking it would produce better coverage. I'm just plain desperate for a tan on my legs so I didn't use sunscreen at all. Ouch!
Here are a few pics/videos from the party we had at my parent's house last night celebrating Kaia, Gram, Tristan, Lindsie (my cousin), and my Dad's birthdays. Here is Aunt Jane giving Kaia a cute, little flapper dress (which she wore the rest of the night and which she is currently fighting with Sierra about because Sierra put it on without asking first...sigh).

Moments before I shot this video, Tristan was squealing with joy about this gift. He would point to each ball and count them by shouting "Ball! Ball! Ball!".
"You give me ice cream....NOW."

This is the apron the girls and I made for Gram using ideas from our new book "Doodle-Stiching".
I had Gram order this book for Kaia. When I told her we were going to take a picture with her "I Love Dirt" book she shouted "I Love To Eat Dirt".
Here's a shot of Gram and Jane making improvements to the Cole Slaw. Adam suggested to add Granola (family joke), so here they are pretending to add the Granola. Too funny, guess you'd have to be there.
Pop was helping Kaia open her gift. As soon as she saw the My Little Pony card she grabbed it and ran off singing a song about ponys. It took some effort to get her back and focused on opening the actual gift.

This is what the girls look liked this morning after a full evening of partying.This is Kaia's new rock tumbler. She opened this gift last night and shouted "This is what I've always wanted." It takes about 3 weeks of tumbling to produce a finished batch of rocks. We started this morning. I look forward to the soothing sound of the rock tumbler being on for years to come.


Maren said...

I totally want to buy the I Love Dirt book now - it looks so fun! I love birthday parties for kids; at the very least they are highly entertaining. :)