Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Past 7 Years

I actually had a conversation with Kaia yesterday where I tried to argue with her that boogers do not taste like frosting. I did not win that argument.

It was crazy hot today, but Kaia still wanted to wear dad's hat. I'm glad she's in a helpful mood lately. Here she is cleaning the sliding glass door. I wish I would have captured a video of a few moments later when Tristan was standing inside and she was doing everything she could to make him laugh. It was hilarious.

The kids were playing happily for a few moments today while I was mopping floors. Kaia ran out of her room so excited to show me that she'd made the number 4. Smart as a whip, this kid.

Sierra took a shower all by herself today. She insisted that she could do it and I had so much cleaning to do I was more than happy to let her. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up.

Tristan added another scar to his face today. Remember this post where Sierra scratched him with a pipe cleaner? Well now he has a bruise and scratch on the other cheek where Kaia ran him into a sharp corner while driving the kid car. I have a feeling I'm going to have to slather that boy in Neosporin on a daily basis.

We had a great YW activity last night, a car wash. Here I am with Melissa Vigil. I'm soaked, she's only slightly wet. This is the girl who threw me into the lake back at girl's camp. I thought last night I'd be able to get her back. Before I could even think about my revenge, I turned my back on her for a moment and before I knew it I was drenched. I wrested her down, but next to her super-human-determination I didn't stand a chance. She is amazing. If all goes as planned, last night will be my last YW activity and on Sunday I'll be released as YW President in the Denver 2nd Ward. I remember way back in 2004 when I was pregnant with Kaia the YW President called me and told me how much she wanted me to join her in serving the YW. I was in the Primary Presidency at the time, but was happy to take on both callings (there are not very many kids or youth in the ward). I know the Lord has blessed me to be able to do what He would want me to do while serving the youth. I have learned so much and have grown to deeply love so many. My faith in my Savior has been strengthened and my desire to share my testimony has increased. I've felt lately that I need to remind the girls that we need to be in tune to the Spirit so that we know what we need to be praying for. There are blessings our Heavenly Father desires to give us, if we will but ask. The Spirit is here to tell us what to ask for, if we will but listen. I love D&C 109 because it is a prayer that the Prophet Joseph Smith says was given to him by revelation. I also love D&C 111:11 (and not just because there are five ones in a row). Blessings will be sent to us as fast as we can receive them! That is how I've felt while serving in the Denver 2nd Ward for the past 7 years. We truly found ourselves embraced into a Ward Family and we will always treasure those relationships. I remember being in the temple with a group of ward members a few years ago and thinking "This must be a taste of Heaven. Being in a room with so many people I love, doing the Lord's work, I couldn't be happier." My friend, Brenda Snyder, put it best when she said good by to me: "We'll have plenty of time to visit again when we get to the other side." But for now, I just want to say that I know we were guided by the Lord's hand to be in the D2 ward and I'm full of gratitude for that blessed experience.


Jessica said...

Mind, I didn't know you were the YW president! You are amazing. What a great attitude you have.