Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home Again

So here are a few pics from our family reunion adventures. If you are in no mood to look at a plethora of pictures, you probably want to skip this post.

Our drive through Wyoming was beautiful, once we got to the beautiful part. This is near Teton National Park.
Happy travelers. "Don't bug us, we are watching a movie."
In Yellowstone this here buffalo was just walking up the road like he owned the place.
Tristan's face of terror. Adam's sister, Ellynn, gets this response from Tristan every time she tries to hold him. By the end of the trip I think he warmed up to her a bit, if she had candy.
Here is Tristan with one of Aunt Brooke's Yorkie puppies.

All of us watching Old Faithful and eating lunch. It was quite a feat to feed 30 people and even more difficult to separate the "kid cheese" eaters from the "adult cheese" eaters while making sandwiches.
Sierra, Sadie and Cole.
The "Hot Pots".

There was plenty for Sierra to keep herself entertained at the reunion. Here she is making beautiful art with whipping cream and shaving cream.
Sawyer, Aunt Meagan, and Jane.

Direct line of cousins on Adam's Dad's side (not all are pictured).

The whole Bennett gang.

Our little trip to the river. Much colder than it looks.

Tristan and Kennedy.

Kaia brought me these flowers, which I thought were just beautiful. The camera decided to focus on Darla's swim wrap and Chacos, which are also beautiful.

Aquatic scientists.

Poor Dayne took a dive from the swing into a puddle.

Beautiful sunset during the reunion.

Ahh, this is the 15 passenger van that the family from WA drove down with 14 men, women and children and a whole lotta stuff.

Jackson Hole Park.

There are 30 of us here, we were quite a site.

After Jackson Hole we drove to Kaysville for Adam's Mom's side's reunion. In between we crashed for the night at the Ross'. Thanks again for letting 30 of us storm your house! Here is Jessica and I, snappin' shots for our blogs.

Kaia and her good buddy Tony.

Tristan and his could-be-twin-second-cousin, Beck.

Hazel and Kaia gathered these beautiful bouquets of flags from the soccer field.

Whew! We had too much fun and now we are frantically trying to get ready for the big move on Saturday. When you live in a house for 7 years, you kind of collect a lot of stuff (I'm discovering). Peace out, team.


Keidi02 said...

The picture with bigfoot and Adam is confusing, which one is Adam?

Jessica said...

Hey, We tried for a few hours to find your #. We couldn't find anyone who had it. We WANTED to call you. By 10:00pm that night we had gotten your # finally but thought it was too late to call. Can you believe our luck... We stayed in a hotel there in Denver. You were the first one's we thought of and would have LOVED to have visited with you. We just didn't want to barge in at 11:00 at night. :)

Fun pictures of your trip! I LOVE yellowstone!