Thursday, April 2, 2009

10 Things I'm Grateful For Today

1. A package that came in the mail yesterday from our beloved friend, Karen, in Michigan.  She sent the shirts the kids are wearing in the above photo, a beautiful ruby red dress for baby #4, a hand crafted scrapbook with pictures printed from my blog of our Christmas in Washington, and more.  Thank you, thank you, Karen!

2. Silence.  Adam took the kids to the gym tonight and I've been able to lounge around on the bed without anyone jumping on my head or belly (there is a jumper in my belly, but she's very sweet and gentle in her movements as opposed to Tristan).

3.  I use this website every day.

4. Sunshine.  Even though it has been cold and snowy the past few days, the good old Colorado sunshine always comes through, even if just for a moment.

5.  The excitement about our sprouting seeds and our SFG.  We are going vertical this year, I can't wait to post pictures.

6. This house we live in (which I can't convince Adam that we should buy, but we are both happy to rent).  The driving factor behind that is living next to Gram and Pop, of course.

7.  I got teary eyed listening to a song today (Adam turned on the "Mama Mia" soundtrack for the kids to dance to.  There is a slow song on there where the lead actress is reminiscing about her daughter going off to school and time slipping away too quickly.  It reminds me of how much I need to cherish my time with each of my kids).

8. Tristan learned how to climb out of his crib last night, now making bedtimes and nap times a nightmare.  I'm grateful Adam is smart enough to suggest using the safety door knob cover to keep the little guy in his room.

9.  Being a "stay-at-home" mom.

10. Getting a $150 baby swing for $34 at Kohl's yesterday during one of their huge sales.  Yeah, Kohl's!


Ryan and Chrystal said...

I love your list. You are always so positive and upbeat! Life is all about attitude, and your good attitude ensures you a good life.