Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kaia's First Soccer Game

On the morning of Kaia's first soccer game she threw a grand fit.  She said she hated soccer and wouldn't get out there and run.  I was thinking I would have to plead with the YMCA to give us our money back and take the shin guards back to Wal-Mart.  But once we got there and her coach called her out on the field, it was nothing but fun.  She even scored a goal (for the wrong team) which she proudly states at least once a day.  All the parents on the side lines were laughing so hard throughout the game.  I heard one dad say, "We don't do this for the kids, this is for our entertainment."  The little pack of 4 year-olds would run after the ball, even if that meant running onto a neighboring game.  It was hilarious.  Then at the end there were treats and a bubble stick gift.  I think she'll play soccer the rest of her life :)


ballerina girl said...

So funny! To bad that it will probably be canceled this week due to all the snow :(

brandie said...

This is super funny!! I love the part about the crowd of 4 year olds chasing the ball onto other fields! Funny! ps. Thank you for always doing such a good job with Joy School and so genuinly enjoying it!