Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our Easter festivities started last Wednesday with a playgroup Easter egg hunt.  While moms were setting things up the kids were given Easter pictures to color.  I watched as Sierra carefully colored within the lines, making a beautiful picture she protected and saved to give to her dad.  Kaia on the other hand, put her basket on her head, grabbed a few colors and scribbled like mad, then crumpled up her paper and threw it away.  What a difference in my girls!

The egg hunt began and Kaia was off in a flash.  She is so sweet and was careful to share her winnings with any kids who she felt didn't get enough.

The feast of candy post-hunt.

Tristan doesn't eat things, he stuffs.  Here is an entire peep stuffed in his mouth.

The Easter Bunny visited us on Saturday morning this year.  There was a pair of swimming goggles, a tiny sized Book of Mormon, walnuts carefully stuffed with money, and candy for each kid.  Thanks Easter Bunny! (i.e. awesome daddy)

The Easter feast was held at my parent's house and fun was had by all.  Another egg hunt and a whole lot of food.


Ryan and Chrystal said...

I love the holidays. All of the fun traditions make it so neat and memorable. Your kids are a hoot, I love hanging out with you guys, their personalities make for an entertaining day!