Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Adventures

We were given free tickets to an NBA D-league game on Friday night.  Our friends, the Laws, were there too and our kids were so happy to see them.
Tristan and Amri catching up on lost time.  Cute little buddies.
Every Sunday morning I bring the kids in bed with Adam in an attempt to get everyone awake and happy.  As usual, my plan failed and they all fell back to sleep (except for Tristan who got kicked out of bed by Kaia because he wiggled too much).
Little bruiser.  My grandparents have a rope swing in their back yard with a wooden seat.  Kaia was on said swing and poor Tristan caught the seat in the eye.  Adam thinks it is funny to tell people a little joke when they comment on the black eye: "What do you tell a 2 year-old with two black eyes?....Nothing you already told him twice."  Not funny, soon someone is going to call SS on us.

Saturday night was ladies night at Joy's apartment's theater room.  She showed Twilight and it was so much fun to watch it on the big screen.  I brought my sister, Nell (she wore her "Team Edward" t-shirt) and joined 4 other friends there.  Thanks again, Joy!


Ryan and Chrystal said...

Yeah and Ya'll stink. I'm reading Twilight now. So long to do list!!!!