Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bread of the Month (minus the bread)

I missed out on the Bread of the Month challenge for March. I thought about it, I even went as far as to borrow "The Bread Bible" from Gram. As I looked through the complicated recipes for Focaccia, Ciabatta & something else that looked delicious with a crazy name that I can't remember, I thought "I can't do this!" Spending time in the kitchen has been a challenge for me lately. So I've decided to replace Bread of the Month with a craft. Sierra received a great pair of cargo pants from my sister Grace as hand-me-downs. Unfortunetly, the day before we got said pants, Grace fell and tore a hole in the knee. I sewed and patched the tear and Sierra wore them for a few months. Then one day she also fell and another tear appeared right below the first. I decided it was time to retire the pants, but they were too cute to just throw away. Somehow the idea popped into my mind to make purses out of the pockets. And this is how it did it:

I cut out the pockets and sewed pink felt on to be the inside lining. I saw my mother-in-law adding the edges to a quilt once and used the same idea here.

Then I used my Costco Singer's fancy stitching to make this pretty little border.  I've been looking for an excuse for years to use this stitch.
This was a very forgiving project, which is great for me because I honestly can't sew a straight line.  Once the bags were done I hand stitched on some ribbon for a shoulder strap.
Add a little sass and that's all you need for some great purses and some happy girls.  Do you have any cargo pants in need of a new career?


Lauren said...

adorable! way to go

ballerina girl said...

Soo cute!

The Cluff Family said...

I love the purses! SOOO cute! I recently re-discovered how creatively energizing it is to sit in front of a sewing machine. Nothing huge, just sewed quilting tape around the edge of some fabric to make a reversible tablecloth. I need to think of something cute like this.