Thursday, May 15, 2008

Casa Bonita

Yesterday was my sister Janelle's 17th birthday. She wanted to go to Casa Bonita and I was all for it. Sweet Gram said she would come along also, even though she figured out long ago that the food is awful. I don't know why I can't remember that. It must be the lure of cliff divers, bad actors, Black Bart's Cave and free sopaipillas.
Here we are at the front entrance. Sierra was pretty excited that we had a coupon. So was I when I found out it saved us $9.

This is Kaia hiding under the table. She did not care for the man dressed in a giant gorilla suit running all around. It was all part of the Black Bart show. My uncle calls these Casa Bonita actors "The Thespians Who Made It".

Here is Tristan, happy as can be.

Who wouldn't love a restaurant with a Treasure Room? Two big signs say that you are only allowed one treasure. Sierra tried to escape with a whole hand full of Tootsie rolls. When I was a kid they had a lot more treasure to choose from. Now it is just Tootsie rolls. What is this world coming too?

Gram the Spoiler bought the flashing, spinning, give you and instant migraine toy for the girls to share. It broke the instant we got into the parking lot. How do they design these cheep toys to break in a prescribed number of minutes? It is amazing.
Janelle, Tristan, Sierra and Kaia. It was quite a feat to get all these kids together for a group shot.
This tour bus full of people arrived moments before we did and we had to stand behind them while waiting for our food. When we left we realized that this is the same charter bus company that Pop works for. Gram called him and he said he had in fact driven this very bus. I told Gram to go stand by it and do something silly so I could get a photo. I think we woke the poor driver who was in there taking a nap. Whoops!

Here's our friend the Cliff Diver. He is a master at the art of suspense. There are a plethora of other youtube videos of Casa Bonita Divers if you are starved for entertainment.