Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Fun

Oh, what a wonderful weekend. It all started off with a fun date on Friday night. Two YW came over to babysit for two hours while Adam and I went out to P.F. Chang's in LoDo (we had a BOGO free coupon). We were sat at an ordinary table and Adam sent the hostess back to see if we could have a booth. She returned and sat us at a huge booth where we could sit real close and watch all the other dinners. Soon a mother and two young children were seated at the ordinary table next to us. It didn't take long for us to whisper to one another how grateful we were that our kids were at home. This poor mom was so stressed by her noisy, energetic children. At one point, one kid tipped over in his chair, causing stressed mom to shout very loud and attract the attention of the entire restaurant. Moments later the other kid spilled her drink. I overheard the poor mom explaining to the waiter that her husband was home sick and he wanted P.F. Chang's so she was feeding the kids then taking some home to him. I'm sure she was so frazzled by the time she got home she probably opened up the take out box and dumped it on said husband's head.

After our date, Adam took the girls in the back yard to roast marshmallows and sleep on the trampoline. It was cold, I was amazed that they stayed out there all night. The girls had a great time. Adam said it wasn't the best night's sleep he's ever had.
Saturday was a mix of relaxing and organizing. Then we took a family bike ride to the grocery store (my parent's had a bike trailer in their garage that they are letting us borrow. It's no chariot, but it'll do and I'm grateful). Adam told me that his sister, Meagan, has set a goal to not drive anywhere that she can bike to (she has 4 kids and plans on pulling them and/or having them ride along side her to the grocery store, ect). Since I want to be just like Meagan I decided I'll join in. We bought a very euro dinner (bread, Camembert cheese and fruit) then rode to a nearby park. The park was over run with tweens (8-12 year old children) who were very interesting to observe. We overheard one kid saying "The way they drive their car so much you would think that they enjoy global warming." Adam and I couldn't help but laugh. Just for the record, I'm not biking my kids around town because of global warming, rather for exercise and to save money on gas.
We rushed home from the park to meet up with the Laws and the Purcells and catch a few movies at the drive-in. We saw Indiana Jones and Iron Man. Adam put the inflatable mattress in the back of the truck with a lot of sleeping bags and blankets. I can't even begin to describe how absolutely comfortable it was. Kaia and Tristan fell asleep during the first movie. I really wanted to be asleep for the second show, but I'm glad I watched Iron Man, it is a good flick. Sierra fell asleep a few minutes into it and when it was all over and I was putting her into her car seat she was so upset. She said, "Stop, we are staying here for the second movie!" I told her we did, she fell asleep and now it is over. "I did not fall asleep!" she screamed. At that point I decided to stop arguing with the insane.

Today we met up with the Laws, Purcells, Magaleis, and Dimigs for a Memorial Day brunch. We ate at the park and let the kids run amuck (11 in all) while the temperature steadily plummeted.
And here is one of my favorite family traditions. Pop's birthday is May 31st and we always have a family softball game/party this time of year. It drizzled on us, so we only played a few innings, but it was a blast.
Tristan was happy with Aunt Jane until he saw me, then quickly left me when he saw Pop.

We sang to Pop and Jay, who turned 9 last Friday. I couldn't get the perfect birthday picture, but maybe my mom did. Gram made the most wonderful German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Frosting, she really out-did herself this year. I love these family traditions.