Friday, May 2, 2008

Week of Color comes to an end

Today should be blue, but I'm bending the rules and going with white.

Yesterday morning we woke up to this:

Happy May Day, Colorado.

This is a slight hint at the current condition of my home. We bought hundreds and hundreds of diapers at Costco and Kaia entertained herself by opening the packages and scattering them about. And believe you me, that is not the only thing that needs to get cleaned up. So I'm grounding myself from the blog until things are looking a little better around here. Color week really wore me out. I need to spend a little more time catching up on reading. I have to finish "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" for book club. I checked out "Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation" by Cokie Roberts this week. Plus, "Alexander Hamilton" has been on my nightstand since February and he's offended that I'm only 29 pages into his very interesting biography (no sarcasm there, really). My grandpa had me read a Time article about Stephanie Meyer (the author of Twilight) and it almost has me motivated to read the books. The article compared to her J.K. Rowling (I haven't read any Harry Potter, well, just the epilogue of the last book. he he) and said how these two authors have changed the reading patterns of America. Now children will happily read 500 page books and adults will read books written for children (or young adults). Plus, I didn't know Meyer was LDS. So I'm just waiting for my vivid dreams to reveal a plot to me so that I can start writing some books that might actually get published (still waiting to hear from the publishers in China, its been three months, I think the answer is "NO"--but in Chinese).


Darla said...

holy cow. only in colorado. sorry! But you know, it WILL be gone by tomorrow (wait, today is tomorrow).