Thursday, May 1, 2008

RED/PINK Thursday

Kaia and her fashionable red purse full of toys and small rocks.

Sierra was taking pictures of me so I told her to go around and take pictures of anything around the house that was red or pink.

Here is Sierra enjoying some Nerds (the candy Pop bought her yesterday when he took her shopping).

Here are the girls making a really, really big mess with glitter. I apologize in advance if you get one of these birthday cards. They are messy.

I'm just kicking myself for forgetting my camera this evening. I signed the girls up for a free karate lesson and it was hilarious. Kaia jumped up and down the whole time and made up her own moves, but she was the only one who consistently knew her right hand from her left. Sierra was really into the lesson, but couldn't remember right and left to save her life. Adam met us there then we had a delightful family dinner at Costco. BIG NEWS, Costco has a new item on the menu! It is a delicious wrap with turkey and Havarti cheese. The tortilla seemed to be whole wheat! Heavenly.


Jessica said...

I have been forgetting my camera lately too and it is driving me nuts. I have to take pictures with my phone and it is just not the same.

Darla said...

Sierra's hair is amazing in these pics. Love it!