Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Here is the mini Bennett Band. Playing away on Gram and Pop's deck. I wish I could get these pictures bigger, but this is how they came from Gram's email.
Gram helped the girls make pizza from scratch. Delicioso.
My first iris has bloomed!!! It has been a huge ordeal to finally get iris' in our yard. A few years ago I talked myself into the financial commitment of planting bulbs in the fall. I think I spent about $20 at Costco only to have the infamous Mr. Squirrel dig them up and eat 90% of them that night. The next year my Grandma Judy gave me some of her excess iris plants and now they have finally bloomed. There is a lady up the street with a giant iris tattooed on her calf. She has the best iris garden in the 'hood.
Adam was helping fix a broken pipe at my sister's house last night until about 8. The kids and I played outside until dusk then came in for baths. Sierra had a list of "gospel-centered traditions" she received in Primary. We went through that and set a few goals for our lesson. Adam let the girls roast marshmallows over the gas stove and made smores for the treat.