Monday, May 12, 2008


I really, really, really hate to lose things. If there already is a mental illness called lossaphobia, I have it. I often said that if I could chose one super-human power it would be "The Power to Find Lost Things". This power would also really come in handy while treasure hunting in the Caribbean waters (high on my "Things I Want To Do Someday" list). So last Tuesday I forgot to close the tail gate on my truck and our beloved Chariot stroller fell out. A kind woman followed me and alerted me of the problem, but when I got back to the intersection it was gone. For a more detailed description of this horrible incident, see my post on the Beech Tree blog. I'm finally starting to feel better. The person who picked it up probably really needed a really, really, really ridiculously nice bike stroller that converted into a sled for cross country skiing or snowshoeing.
Our friends Pearl & David stopped by for a visit. While they were here a Queen Bee arrived in the mail in this little box Sierra is holding. One of our bee hives is doing really well, but the other is struggling so Adam decided to replace the Queen. And just like magic, she was delivered to the door by our mailman.
Here is Tristan touching the old, unproductive Queen. It was exciting for all the kids to get a chance to hold her.
Here is Uncle Steve at the grill. We had a great time on Saturday night at Joe's birthday party.
Tristan entertained himself by sticking small rocks into the holes of his new crock knock-offs. It was hilarious when he tried to get up and walk, wondering why his feet were so uncomfortable.
Here is Aunt Amanda holding Kaia and Sierra, Gram's trying to keep Tristan from opening Joe's gifts, and there is Joe in the hat.

Amanda makes the most wonderful "incredible sinking chocolate cake". I look forward to this party all year, and a big part of that is the cake. Poor Adam got very sick on Friday night and was in bed all weekend. He missed this party, but Amanda sent me home with some leftover food and cake. Adam ate it all, but then mumbled "Ohhh, I shouldn't have eaten that cake." In the morning the first thing Sierra said was, "Where's the cake." When I told her daddy ate it she was sorely disappointed and protested that he was sick and should have left the cake for the rest of us. I couldn't have agreed with her more.

Sunday was a wonderful Mother's Day. Adam was still sick, so I took the kids to Church alone. The kids were fairly well behaved, it is always a hoot to see the girls get up with the Primary kids and sing to mom. They didn't know all the words so Sierra just pretended she did and Kaia stood there scowling at the congregation. Then we had a great family party out at my parent's house. I wish I would have taken more pictures because the weather was perfect. I love Mother's Day, I love being a Mom.


Jessica said...

I wonder if the mailman knew he was delivering a bee. That is crazy. That cake sounds delicious. I can't believe you were brave enough to take your kids to church alone. Ton had to work so we didn't go to our ward. I went to my mom and dad's ward so they could help with Ind.