Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

On July 3rd we went to a free movie. The kids loved it, and even Tristan was able to sit through the whole thing (well, maybe not sit, more like crawl over everyone in a slightly quiet way).
After Adam went to get the wild hive on Thursday, he and I were working on getting the honey and cleaning up. We tried to get the girls to just go to bed (it was after 10) but they set up these car seats to watch the firework show a neighbor was putting on instead.
Here we are at a grocery store in Craig, CO on July 4th. We missed the parade which was heart breaking, but we bought a few popping fireworks and some s'mores supplies and the broken hearts were quickly healed. We spent the weekend with our friends David and Pearl Wyman. I didn't end up with any pictures of those two, but I do have video that I'll try and post later.
We were out on a "ranch" where it is perfectly legal to let a kid under two drive a truck.
Kaia sitting on one of Pearl's sheep.
Sierra sitting on the other sheep.
And here is Tristan who decided he didn't really care for "muttonbustin'".
We spent the day fishing out by this old homestead. I was in the truck trying to convince Tristan that he should take a nap, when this large heard of cattle came along to see if I had some food for them. I told them "no" and they walked away, sadly.
As we were saying good-bye to the Wyman's, Sierra quietly called for their dog, Jasper, to jump in the truck. We almost drove away with him, but luckily for him we noticed the extra passenger before leaving the driveway. Sierra was really bummed her dognapping plan didn't work out.
Here is Adam and Clive. A few years ago, Clive killed a man who got into his pen.
After leaving Craig we went up to my parent's cabin to visit some out-of-state family. Here is my cousin Kristin from Indiana and her 5 month old baby, Keagan. This little tub-o-love almost out weighs Tristan.
We had to jump a barbed wire fence to get these shots in the wild flowers. None of them turned out all that well, but it was an adventure.

Today is my final day of prep before taking 8 girls to "girls camp" for four days. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

wow! those pics in the wild flowers are GORGEOUS fo Shizzle! i love the Kuntry!!! you have such a beautiful Family!!!!

i found your blog on you don't mind me visitin! :)